Fotopedia was and would like to thanks

Board Members:

Bertrand Guiheneuf (CTO), Brad Silverberg,
Jean-Marie Hullot (President & CEO), Joi Ito

Investors (Venture Capital & Business angels):

Banexi Ventures Partners, David Rosenblatt, DG Incubation Inc, Ignition Partners, Joi Ito, Local Globe (& Saul Klein), Mats Carduner, Reid Hoffman, Ron Conway IRA, Soft Tech (Jeff Clavier)


Aymerick Jéhanne, Bertrand Guiheneuf (founder), Damien Roué, Florence Pouvatchy, Frédéric De Jaeger, Isabelle Monnier, Jean-Marie Hullot (founder), Jérôme Lebel, Jessie Reffet, Manuel Colom (founder), Pierre Baillet, Nicolas Cherel, Mathieu Poumeyrol, Pascal Costa-Cunha, Raphaëlle Scalvenzi, Sébastien Maury (founder), Vincent Franchellin

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Former Employees:

Adrien Husson, Adrian Measures, Alexis Fifis, Antonin Bonafous, Christophe Daligault, Gilles Samoun, Ivan Meljac, Keith Teare, Olivier Gutknecht (founder), Olivier Le Floch, Raphael Fauveau


Gwendal Roué, Oleg Andreev, Pierre-Loïc Raynaud and the whole Pierlis Team, Andriy Kyrylenko, Dina Ionenko, Sergey Zhyliaiev, Tim Martin


National Geographic, UNESCO World Heritage Center, Wild Wonders of Europe, World Bank & Flipboard

Authors & Photographers:

Christophe Gruault, Eric Lafforgue, Frank Mulliez, Jacques Bravo, Jaime Ocampo Rangel, Jaroslav Poncar, Norbert Woehnl, Olivier Martel, Q.T. Luong

and the entire Fotopedians community.