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Fotopedia's Mission

Fotopedia is breathing new life into photos by building a photo encyclopedia that lets photographers and photo enthusiasts collaborate and enrich images to be useful for the whole world wide web.

Fotopedia and its community are building:

  • an encyclopedia for humanity;
  • the largest photo distribution network, which will provide an effective avenue for photographers to promote their premium content;
  • a consumer-friendly interface that makes it easy for anyone to create a page about subjects that matter to them – from butterflies to the Taj Mahal.

A word from Jean-Marie Hullot

“After traveling the world, I wanted to share my photos with others. Flickr and other photo sites give you exposure for only a brief window in time, and adding photos to wikipedia proved too complicated for the average user. This sparked the idea for a ‘wikipedia of photos’ – that combines the permanence and community collaboration of wikipedia with the ease of use of consumer desktop applications.” - Jean-Marie Hullot, one of the founders of Fotopedia, former CTO of NeXT Software and Apple’s Application Division.

We believe many photos are worth more than the value they are given today. Help us make this right! We have already started... Join us!

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