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The Basics of Fotopedia

Fotopedia is the first collaborative photo encyclopedia. Anyone can join the community and help build the encyclopedia.

There are several ways to contribute:

Add photos to articles

No need to be a photographer – though if you are one do add your own photos. All you need is love and being interested in a topic: your home town, your favorite place on earth, extreme sport or singer, or any passion you have. Fotopedia enables you to dive in a pool of millions of photos to chose from to illustrate your topics of interest. Use your knowledge to select the most relevant photos and illustrate the encyclopedia articles you like. Learn how...

Create articles

The encyclopedia is constantly growing and covering new topics. We will keep suggesting you articles you might be interested in creating to complete the encyclopedia and make it a useful website for all. Follow members who share your interests, connect and create together. They will take you on a trip to exotic places, enlighten you with interesting topics and inspire you more articles. Creating an article is just as simple as adding photos. Learn how..

Vote for the best photos

Photos are ordered by votes in encyclopedia articles and in search results. Vote on the best photos to give them more visibility. Fotopedia has been praised for the quality of the photos in the encyclopedia. All members and visitors who voted are to thank for making Fotopedia one of the highest quality photo resources in the world. Keep voting on the best photos to ensure the encyclopedia remains an awesome visual experience. Learn how...

Spread the encyclopedia

The encyclopedia is not meant to stay on Fotopedia's website. You can embed widgets on your blog and website, share links with friends on Facebook and Twitter and get them to vote on photos. Spread the photos and spread the word to the world! Just remember photographers take great photos and deserve to be recognized for their work. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter


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