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Community Guidelines

Fotopedia is a community of people building a photo encyclopedia of high quality.

The following guidelines will help you understand what it means to be a member of Fotopedia and take part in building the encyclopedia.

Contributing great and relevant photos

Add your best selection of photos. It is your role to chose the best photos to add. This includes photos you add from the community pool. Don't add similar photos and don't count on other members to chose the best among them for you. The better the selection of photos, the more votes you'll get.

Respect the Quality Guidelines. Add photos and vote for photos that respect these guidelines. Report as inappropriate photos that don't respect the Quality Guidelines.

Vote positively for photos who deserve it. Photos which are relevant to the article AND of good quality. Don't vote for your friend's photos, unless they deserve it. Don't vote systematically for all the photos in an article.

Vote negatively for photos that aren't good. Photos which aren't of high enough quality, which aren't as good as the photos in an article or which you don't find relevant enough. Don't vote negatively to make your photos go up. Don't vote negatively because you don't like a photographer. Don't vote negatively out of frustration. You are better than that.

Upload photos that are yours only. Photos you upload are attributed to you. To add photos from others use our dedicated interface which respects the photographers' rights.

Reuse photos from members in other articles. You can use the community pool to do this. If you do it outside of Fotopedia let the photographer know beforehand.

Add a photo to several articles. To improve the relevancy of Fotopedia as an encyclopedia, we recommend you to add a photo to several articles (if highly relevant to them). The more specific the article you add a photo to the better.

Contributing with great people

Be polite and respectful. Great photographers and curators and also a great team building Fotopedia. We are all different, we think different, we have different beliefs, we see things differently. Be nice to everyone.

Act as if you were facing the people you interact with. You might face them for real one day. Don’t vent your frustrations, rant, or bore the brains out of other members.

Don't cheat. You'll get no rewards in cheating. And we'll catch you anyway.

Care for the children. Children are among us. They enjoy photos and learning from them too. Whatever you do, remember that children are around.


Enjoy the photos. Enjoy the community. Enjoy!
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