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Fotopedia Quality Guidelines

Fotopedia has been praised for the quality of the photos in the encyclopedia and for its beautiful design. We want to maintain this level of quality and a consistent design throughout the encyclopedia.

Help us:

  • add photos that respect this chart
  • vote for photos that respect this chart

Size matters

Fotopedia is focusing on quality, and size matters. We are looking for the best photos, so the optimal resolution for a photo is the largest you can provide. Don't hesitate to upload your photos at the original image resolution.

To make it into our famous iOS applications, we recommend using photos with at least 12 Megapixels.

In the encyclopedia, we recommend uploading new photos at their original resolution. Photos smaller than 1400x1080 or 1080x1400 won't be featured or selected for our apps.

Unframe the world

Please remove all frames. The smallest, sweetest frame is still a frame. Fotopedia is designed to make photos look great. We have a great designer working on it full time. Let him take care of it and go and take some great photos.

Examples of framed photos to vote down and not to add:

Photo by Raphaël Fauveau. The original photo is here.

Good watermarks are invisible

Don't spoil your photos with watermarks. Fotopedia always mentions the author and license of a photo where it is displayed, with a link to your profile. If someone wants to reuse your photos they have a way to find you and contact you. If you want to protect your photos use invisible watermarks.

Examples of watermarked photos: don't add these and vote them down! (Click on them to enlarge)

Photo by Raphaël Fauveau. The original photo is here.

Show the world as it is

The world isn't perfect. You might feel the need to represent it differently using photoshop and your artisitic talent. The encyclopedia isn't the place to express such needs. We illustrate the world as it is, in all its beauty and ugliness. Artistic and overprocessed photos (including HDR) don't belong. To improve the encyclopedia feel free to change the world for real!

Examples not to follow:

Same photo without HDR: good to add!

Thanks to Raphaël Fauveau for altering his photos.

Let your eyes decide

A good photo isn't noisy, overexposed, underexposed, blurry, backlit, over saturated or badly flashed. Some great photos may have those characteristics though. There is no general rule. If you're not sure about the quality of photos, work on your eye by looking at photos already in the encyclopedia. It will help you train your eye and vote better.

Example of photos not to add and vote down: blurry, oversaturated, overexposed, underexposed

Thanks to Raphaël Fauveau for altering his photos.


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