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Diving on the Amoco Cadiz (dive buddy Pascal).
"The Amoco Cadiz was a Very Large Crude Oil Carrier, owned by Amoco, split in two after running aground on Portsall Rocks, three miles (5 km) off the coast of Brittany (France), on March 16, 1978, resulting at that time in the largest oil spill ever, currently the fifth-largest in history"
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Portsall, Bretagne, 21 May 2009. Dive profile is here.
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Amoco Cadiz

Amoco Cadiz was a very large crude carrier (VLCC) under the Liberian flag of convenience owned by Amoco. On 16 March 1978, she ran aground on Portsall Rocks, 5 km (3 mi) from the coast of Brittany, France; and ultimately split in three and sank, resulting in the largest oil spill of its kind in history to that date.

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