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Near Lake Myvatn. Iceland
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Icelandic cattle

Icelandic cattle are a breed of cattle native to Iceland. Cattle originally came to Iceland with settlers around 1000 AD. Icelandic cows are an especially colorful breed. Icelandic cows have been genetically isolated for centuries, but are most closely related to a breed in Norway called Blacksided Trender and Nordland Cattle. They are have been protected by strict disease-prevention measures. According to the Agricultural University of Iceland, it would be more cost-effective to replace Icelandic cows with Swedish cows. However, some have argued that Icelandic Cows are part of Iceland's cultural heritage and should not be replaced.

Guðni Ágústsson, former Icelandic minister of agriculture, once kissed an Icelandic cow.

The milk from Icelandic cows is used to make Skyr.

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