Rocking chair on the deck - Antigua, Mar 2010

photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

Rocking chair on the deck - Antigua, Mar 2010 — Fotopedia
There were several rocking chairs like this one, all lined up on the wooden deck so that guests could sit and stare off into the ocean. This one was by itself, and I was able to get a nice 3-image handheld HDR shot...

Note: this photo was published as an illustraiton in an undated (mid-Dec 2010) blog titled "Photos of St. John's, Antigua, and Barbuda." It was also published in a Jan 10, 2011 blog titled "The Rocking Chair Test – 31 DoBA – Day 10."

Moving into 2011, the photo was published in a Jan 27, 2011 blog titled "How do you define Lifestyle Design?" And it was published in a May 15, 2011 blog titled "When Should Musicians Retire?" It was also published in an Oct 7, 2011 Folk Rock blog, with the same caption and detailed notes that I had written on this Flickr page. And it was published in an Oct 14, 2011 blog titled "Geschichte der rechtwinkligen Körperhaltung." And it was published in a Dec 12, 2011 blog titled "La lettre UFE de décembre dédiée à la future retraite des expatriés."


After three months of rain, snow, and freezing temperatures, we finally decided that we had had enough of winter in NYC; and when some friends told us they had enjoyed the peace and quiet of a low-key beach resort in Antigua called Galley Bay, we decided to try it out.

It definitely was low-key: except for a brief period around Christmas, children are not allowed. So the beach was filled with an assortment of ThirtySomething couples, as well as retirement-age folks from Canada, England, and various other places. There are three restaurants at Galley Bay, and they were mostly full for every meal; but the beaches weren't crowded at all, and I never did see anyone using the grass(!) tennis court.

The weather wasn't spectacular: lots of clouds, and brief periods of light rain almost every day. But there were also periods of partly-sunny and all-sunny skies, and the temperatures were mild and pleasant. All the usual TV channels were available, so we could keep up with the news back home; and a flaky Wifi network made it more-or-less possible to stay connected to the Internet.

But mostly it was very quiet. And very peaceful. And very relaxing. And we'll be returning a mere one week before the official arrival of spring in New York City ... which means that the worst of winter is over. All I can say is: good riddance, winter...
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Rocking chair

A rocking chair or rocker is a type of chair with two curved bands (also known as rockers) attached to the bottom of the legs, connecting the legs on each side to each other. The rockers contact the floor at only two points, giving the occupant the ability to rock back and forth by shifting his/her weight or pushing lightly with his/her feet. Rocking chairs are most commonly made of wood. Some rocking chairs can fold.

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