Marines in Pelham Memorial Day Parade - Fleet Week 2010

photo by NYCMarines on Flickr

Marines in Pelham Memorial Day Parade - Fleet Week 2010 — Fotopedia
PELHAM, N. Y. - Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force New York Marines bow their heads during the invocation ahead of Memorial Day ceremonies in Pelham, N.Y May 31. The Marines marched through town with sailors, retired veterans, fire fighters and police. The Marines were on hand as part of Fleet Week New York 2010. This is the 26th year New York City has hosted the sea services for Fleet Week.

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A military parade (square bashing in British military slang) is a formation of soldiers whose movement is restricted by close-order manoeuvring known as drilling or marching. The American usage is "formation or military review". The military parade is now almost entirely ceremonial, though soldiers from time immemorial up until the late 19th century fought in formation. Massed parades may also hold a role for propaganda purposes, being used to exhibit the apparent military strength of one's nation.

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