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Fotopedia Heritage : celebrating the beauty of our world

Created in cooperation with the Unesco World Heritage Centre, the visually stunning downloadable Fotopedia Heritage app provides a virtual passport to the world sites that constitute our collective cultural and natural human heritage and legacy. Already a popular app, in the first two months, Fotopedia Heritage has attracted approximately one million users who have enjoyed over 70 million photo views.

The app provides iPad and iPhone users a free ticket to experience all World Heritage Sites as depicted by the planet’ s most inspiring photographs. The app’s new version includes significant enhancements to satisfy the early adopter’s requests.

The community of photographers created or contributed, the most beautiful and representative photos, while curators carefully sorted and selected them to provide a stunning experience. Clickable descriptions are provided by the World Heritage Center and Wikipedia, while smart tags, search, a map view and social features, such as sharing photos via FaceBook and Twitter, complete the experience.

New features include:
- Now 25,000 photos and growing. This is a living book, an ever-expanding app.
- Slideshow mode – Transform your iPad or iPhone into an endless, beautiful photo frame. Focus on any point of interest, region, country or continent.
- Wallpaper – Choose from thousands of high-resolution photos for use on your iPad or iPhone.
- Shuffle – Select shuffle and your journey will be forever changing, while shaking the device may now be the fastest way to travel the world.

They said it!

"UNESCO's World Heritage mission, embodied through the World Heritage Convention, is to support countries around the world in identifying and protecting the planet's most oustanding cultural and natural sites. Fotopedia Heritage offers a beautiful way to navigate and discover these sites. This application helps raise awareness about our cause and encourages everyone to ensure our world's heritage is here for the next generation."
- Francesco Bandarin, Assistant UNESCO Director General for Culture, and Director of UNESCO World Heritage Centre

"Jean-Marie and his team have not only produced a beautiful and compelling iPad application on the UNESCO World Heritage sites. In their efforts to make the world accessible to millions, they have captured the spirit of Creative Commons and shown others that the marriage of creative excellence and open use can benefit the whole of humanity."
- Larry Lessig, founding board member of Creative Commons

"Without the work of the Creative Commons movement it would be impossible to bring the beauty of the UNESCO World Heritage sights to the millions of Internet users, we owe them a collective thanks for their work".
- Jean-Marie Hullot, CC photographer and South East Asia passionate

Make your own opinion! Download Fotopedia Heritage and enjoy the journey.

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Short video tour by the

30 min interview of Jean-Marie Hullot by Robert Scoble. Learn more about Fotopedia Heritage, Fotopedia and Jean-Marie's experience at NExT and Apple.

Ready for your own visual journey? Download Fotopedia Heritage.

What Fotopedia Heritage users say

"I think Fotopedia Heritage is probably the first "killer app" I've seen that makes me consider purchasing an iPad"
- Noel Hurtley

"Fotopedia Heritage for iPad truly does reinvent the coffee table book experience. My new favorite way to browse photos"
- Jorge Quinteros

"Travel addict like me? Fotopedia is your new dream and nightmare app. Can't get off it since I let it on my iphone!"
- Jacques E.

"fotopedia heritage is an amazing ipad app. I wish I was an investor!"
- Edwin Khodabakchian

"Like travel? Like photography? Like history? Fotopedia Heritage is a spiffy app…"
- Scott

"Where has fotopedia been all my life? Downloaded beautiful app/browsing photos of the Parthenon: WOW!"
- Beth Harris

"Si Apple hiciese una aplicación de viajes, Fotopedia Heritage sería lo más parecido"

"Absolut geniale App fürs iPad, Bilder aus aller Welt, in fantastischer Qualität. Pflichtdownload ! "
- Sven

"i just loaded this app on my ipad, and this app is really really awesome.. Amazingly clear HD pictures of beautiful scenery and sites, amazingly easy UI — esp like the way you can click on tags and see the gallery, and click i for more information abt that place.
Nit-pickers, dont judge unless you have seen this app in person on an ipad. This app is mindblowing, and user would agree on seeing."
- Gaurang

"Amazing free app that takes cultural trips into a new level! Your couch! :-D Love it!"
- Luis

"if you ask me, Fotopedia is one of the best und most interesting iPhone/iPad apps ever!"
- Michæl Paukner

"SUPERBE - Fotopedia Heritage iPhone et iPad : 890 sites du patrimoine mondial en 20 000 photos , hit en puissance !"
- Luc-Olivier

"too cool to be free"
- Frank

"Absolutely loving @Fotopedia's heritage app for the iPhone. The best thing about it? A photo I took is in it Ego."
- cchana

Press and blogs:

"Fotopedia Introduces The Endless Photo Book On The iPad"
- Erick Schonfeld on Techrunch

"The photography is inevitably stunning and the information included easily means the app is -- probably without even trying -- one of the best travel guides currently available." -

"I love the app. Why? Because it lets me dream about traveling to places around the world. It also lets me show my kids different historic sites around the world and take them there without having the expensive travel. It’s like a new kind of atlas with thousands of photos at your fingertips."
- Robert Scoble

"Attention avec cette application : envie de partir voyager en puissance"

"The new Fotopedia Heritage app for the iPhone and iPad lets the world come to you."
- OpenCulture

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